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Should I be marketing my small business during the Coronavirus outbreak?

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Should I be marketing my small business during the Coronavirus outbreak?
Written by Helen Robinson

With everything going on I've been a rabbit in the so called Covid-19 headlights, not sure which way to turn. Do I carry on, business as usual like so many companies who are still promoting Mothers Day? While some other companies seem to be using Coronavirus as a marketing tool highlighting their products & services that might be useful in the coming weeks.  Gifted Local - a gifting delivery service to your front door - could potentially do very well over the coming weeks and months but there is no way I'd want to cash in on something that is, and will be, so devastating to everyone. 

So I've sat on my hands for a few weeks not knowing what to do.  But recently, I've started to notice how this is bringing our community together. I've seen shout-outs on local Facebook groups for those who are willing and able to help others who are already in self-isolation or might be in future.  Local committees and WhatsApp groups are forming to keep each other updated with who needs help and how to keep those in isolation entertained.

We're all worried about our health, our jobs, our financial security, how to work if (and when) the schools are shut etc. I have over 40 sellers on the Gifted Local site, they are all small businesses who are just as worried as me. Weekend markets will probably start to empty and other retail opportunities may disappear as people start to socially distance themselves.

With that in mind, and thinking about what a lovely community we live in, I've decided to carry on promoting the site, the sellers and what we can offer.  Buying from one of the Gifted Local sellers will help a small local business in your local area. And at a time like this, I think we all need to help each other as much as possible.

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