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How To Curate an Art Gallery Wall

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How To Curate an Art Gallery Wall
Guest written by Emily Unsworth

Hi everyone, I'm Emily, Founder of Hello Chicken. My background is in fashion merchandising and I’m mum to three beautifully unique and wonderful little chickens, Fred, Georgia & Frank! The idea for Hello Chicken came about after being fed up with the pink for girls and blue for boys approach in shops, so I set up Hello Chicken and created my own unisex kids clothing. 
Emily Unsworth  Hello Chicken
3 kids jumpers navy with patterns

I’ve been a seller on Gifted Local since it launched a year ago and it’s been a great way for me to reach a new local customer base. I joined because I love its ethos of supporting local businesses and the community and helping people to shop in a more sustainable and green way from the comfort of your own home.

Being part of Gifted Local has also allowed me to indulge in my other passion - home interiors. I don’t just sell on Gifted Local, I buy! I have found many local talented artists to add to my constantly growing collection of art and prints.

We live in Tottenham and spent two years renovating our Edwardian terrace. We had a lot of fun with our house, mixing original features with new modern twists. We love to experiment with colour and have created lots of gallery style feature walls in all parts of our house.

We LOVE  gallery walls! We have pictures, art and prints all over our house and they are a constant talking point for visitors because people are drawn to look at what’s included, or try and spot a theme or even themselves! (guests have spent a long time in our downstairs toilet trying to see if they are included).

A gallery wall makes content pop far more than just having individual pictures, so here are my top tips for curating one:


1. There are no rules!

A gallery wall is your personal and eclectic mix of whatever you love. That may be a selection of black and white photos or prints, all the same size, in black frames and uniformly displayed OR a mix of photos, prints, mirrors, objects (I have a welsh love spoon!) all varying in size in a mixture of frames and more randomly displayed.
landing hallway with lots of  pictures on wall

2. Pick your Space

A gallery wall doesn’t have to cover a whole space, sometimes less is more.  For instance, there are some areas in my house where there are just a few pictures grouped together like the corner of my living room or in my loft. In other spaces I fill the whole wall such as, my hallway, my kids’ bedrooms, or my downstairs toilet!  

The below picture shows two of the lovely prints I've bought off Gifted Local, the Ceropegia Woodii print is now sold out but there are other About Face Illustration Prints still available on the site.  The Peony Print by MANNWEAR is still available!
landing in a house with  green walls and an small curated art gallery wall

3. Work Out Your Layout First

Have a go at laying out your pictures and art on the floor before you mount them on the wall. This will give you a good idea of how it will look before you mount and an opportunity to move things around and play around with the layout, the gap between pictures and mix up the frames, or add other pieces of interest like mirrors.

4. Fixtures and Fittings

Think about how you are going to fix everything to the wall! I tend to use a mixture of good old hammer and nails and then command strips for smaller pictures. Use a tape measure and a spirit level to get everything in the right place. Picture ledges are also a great way to display art.

A cheaper way to create a brilliant final masterpiece is to simply use washi tape - this method looks fab in kid’s rooms or bright spaces as you can use a mix of lovely patterns.

5. Enjoy!

Finally enjoy! Remember there are no rules. As long as you love what you want to display the end result will be fab!

Check out Gifted Local affordable art selection, all created by artists & illustrators in the North London area or click on 'art' at the top of  the menu on the Gifted Local homepage to explore by theme or colour.

Charlotte Hogg Design
 has a 20% off discount on all her art work as she's leaving Crouch End for the  countryside 
charlotte  hogg gallery  wall

If you need more help! We have the talented Audrey Whelan interior designer who offers work shops (currently held online) for any locals who need help getting their home just right.