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How 'Off Trend’ is Trending: 6 ways to decorate more ethically for the long term

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How 'Off Trend’ is Trending: 6 ways to decorate more ethically for the long term
Written by Audrey Whelan

I'm an interior designer with over 20 years experience who is really passionate about empowering people to make confident decisions when it comes to their home interiors. Helen kindly asked me to write this article for her site and while discussing it we both realised we didn’t want a formulaic trends piece which would be outdated in a few months. Instead we wanted something that reflected our values and ethos around long term and local purchases.

So here are six 'off trends' that are emerging in the world of interior design which I believe are here to stay:

1. Unique & Individual

There is a message, slowly but surely evolving, about trusting our instincts and buying items, not because they are ‘on trend’ but because they reflect our personality. When we purchase items because we intrinsically love them they offer a timeless quality resonating with meaning or memory, rather than an association with a particular look or trend that fades over time.

  Personalised print of a floral name, Ava

Catch of the Day Dinnerware Handbag Plates by Ali Joe Designs from Gifted Local ‘revives the traditional decorative plate with a witty, contemporary twist’.
Personalised Floral Print Name by Charlotte Hogg Design

2. Longer Term Thinking

We are becoming more conscious of our precious but fragile environment and needing to be more mindful of what we are purchasing and throwing away as consumers. Buying things that will last is becoming more important. For many people the solution is to buy fewer things, but of better quality.

 Posy and Pot Pink and White Hand Tied Paper flower Bouquet in Glass VasePosy and Pot White Hydrangea Paper Flower Bouquet in Glass Vase

Paper Flowers: Pink and White Posy and White Hydrangea Bouquet by Posy & Pot from Gifted Local ‘will last for years without water and are easy to care for’.

3. Connection & Conversation

In our digital age, it’s more important than ever to have items that encourage connection and conversation in the home. This could be as simple as a soft blanket to encourage family members to snuggle up together on the sofa – the cosier the better! It could also be a conversation piece to delight visitors and give some insight into you and your interests - encouraging you to discover common ground and foster relationships with people around you. When it comes to artwork I love to find items that have a connection to the homeowners interests.

Sobu Handmade Soft Light Grey Wool Blanket Foldedvisual tribute to some of the great characters who have played for the British and Irish Lions, using the iconic periodic table as the framework by on a sixpence
Light Grey Wool Blanket by Sobu Handmade on Gifted Local would be perfect draped on the arm on a sofa or loveseat ready for some snuggles. The bright stripe comes in a choice of colours.
The British And Irish Lions Rugby Print by On A Sixpence from Gifted Local ‘is a visual tribute to some of the great characters who have played for the British and Irish Lions, using the iconic periodic table as the framework.’ A must for British & Irish Lions Rugby fans!

4. Sustainable & Natural

We are seeing an increase in bamboo, cork, linen and other sustainable materials in interiors and more people choosing a particular material or product due to it’s low environmental impact.

 Large natural linen cushion with grey appliqué star by sobu handmade100% linen with personalised white cotton appliqué letter or symbol by sobu handmade

Star Linen Cushion and Personalised Linen Cushion by Sobu Handmade

5. Layered Patterns

Not just on fabric and wallpaper, we are seeing more pattern on smaller objects for the home such as table top items, picture frames etc. You can layer up many patterns together and as people become braver with this we will see even more of it!

Rosh Nutt 3 dotty tea towels layeredRosha Nutt dotty tea towel on a white table with a candle

Dotty Tea Towels by Rosha Nutt from Gifted Local. A great way to bring some extra pattern into a kitchen!

6. Foliage & Flowers

Biophilic design is a buzz word in interior design at the moment and will grow as we increasingly realise the benefits of having plants in the home is much deeper than just visual appeal. We are seeing this filter through to greenery patterns on artwork and accessories too. This can be a great way to ‘bring the outdoors in’ and help create a healthy happy home!

2 watercolour Giclee art print of Colourful Leaves on a white wall. Painted using lovely tones of greens, pinks, greys and blues by Charlotte Hogg DesignsMini cactus in a hand painted magenta concrete pot by cactus joetwo wild bulb terrariums side by side using up-cycled light bulbs with cork stoppers

Mini Cactus in Magenta Pot by Cactus Joe, Colourful leaves Art Print by Charlotte Hogg & Light Bulb Terrariums by Wild Bulb from Gifted Local are all great ways to bring some greenery into your home.


If you’d like to learn more from Audrey book one of her interior design workshopsHeld regularly all over London, Audrey recommends you take along photos of the room you want to redesign and she’ll walk you through the process to create actionable design ideas!

'Audrey's workshop was inspiring and exactly what I needed to start with my first interior design project. I now feel confident putting together moodboards using Audrey's technique and tips and will definitely attend future workshops' 
Workshop attendee Nov 2019
'Very helpful session with some excellent tips and ideas. I found the scaled drawings quite helpful in truly understanding how I wish to use the space (in particular taking into account the elevations / wall space'
Workshop attendee Feb 2020


For products which have all been made / designed by local people in North London check out the Gifted Local Homeware section.