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Our Story

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Our Story

I’m Helen, a mum of three based in North London, and getting out the house and getting anything done, with my kids in tow, is like climbing Mount Everest every day. This came to a head last Christmas when I needed to shop for gifts. I couldn’t get into town so I purchased the majority online. The packaging in itself was enough to drive me crazy, not to mention the pollution and congestion I was contributing to in the local area.

Becoming increasingly aware of the idea that I’d like to do more to support smaller local businesses I visited a local Christmas market and was blown away by the abundance of amazing creative talent literally on my door step. Everything was beautifully made, thoughtfully displayed and there was something for all the family. I then realised that there are so many local creative makers out there who produce wonderful gifts but it was hard to find the same local presence online. 

I decided there and then to do something to help people access quality locally made gifts and this site is the result. I hope you enjoy the site and if you happen to be or know of any more Gifted Locals, please let me know! 

“Gifted Local is an amazing opportunity for all the talent in this area. With so many of us now in one place, we’re a force to be reckoned with.”

Charlotte Hogg from Charlotte Hogg Design

Gifted Local flat lay of books, prints, toy donuts and mugs on white floorboards

We all know how good it feels to support our local community.  It makes sense too, as the money spent is more likely to remain in the local economy.

But, we also know it can be difficult. Regular shopping from the online giants is so convenient and many of us simply don’t have time to go out and choose the perfect gift.

Gifted Local is our small contribution to answer this dilemma. We’re taking the ‘feel good’ factor of buying locally while recognising the fact that people are increasingly using the internet to do their shopping.  

This is online shopping with a difference: our sellers are encouraged to hand deliver where possible and to use minimal and recyclable packaging. And, of course, delivery miles are reduced as our sellers and customers live within the same neighbourhood.

So, with Gifted Local you can get what you want, the way you want, right on your doorstep.

Gifted Local flat lay of hand made mugs, lavender filled bags, prints, Christmas decorations and children's pouches 

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