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Our Story

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Our Story


We’re Helen & Florence, the co-founders of Gifted Local. Thanks so much for coming to visit our website and taking the time to find out why we set it all up. Our story starts a few Christmases ago…

Helen was trying to do her present buying with her three young children in tow. So she resorted to using the online giants. But the guilt was immense as the rich just became richer; the endless packaging was driving her crazy, not to mention the pollution and congestion being contributed to in the local area. She wanted to support local businesses and to spend her money where it mattered but when she tried to google online local businesses nothing was really appearing in her search results, leading to a lightbulb moment: why not offer the best of both worlds? And so Gifted Local was born ― an online marketplace that gives you the feel-good factor of buying locally online.

In 2020 Florence, a life long childhood friend of Helen's, joined the business; she shared Helen’s vision of wanting to create an online marketplace connecting local independent businesses with customers who want to shop local.

2020 has seen COVID fundamentally change local communities, it’s drawn people closer together, more people are staying at home and using their local amenities and shops.  Gifted Local hits that sweet spot of having the  convenience of shopping online while supporting your local community.

Finally, we  couldn’t have an ‘About Us’ section without mentioning our wonderful sellers, many of whom have become friends over the last few years! For many of the sellers on Gifted Local, this is either a side-line to supplement their main income or a full-time job.  They have all bought into the Gifted Local ethos and know how important it is to support local businesses. So, money spent with Gifted Local will mean that that money is then used to buy a coffee in a local shop, to take their kids to a local ballet class or swimming lesson. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our Story!  If you want to know more about how Gifted Local works, see our FAQs

Love Helen & Florence

Helen Robinson spent 15 years working for a big American media company before deciding to take a step back to raise her young family. She lives in Crouch End, with her husband and three children.

Florence Eavis worked in PR for over 15 years for several major brands and charities including Comic Relief, Google and Global Radio as PR director. When she became a mum, she decided to go freelance and focus on smaller creative brands. She’s based in Queen’s Park with her husband and daughter.


Gifted Local flat lay of hand made mugs, lavender filled bags, prints, Christmas decorations and children's pouches 

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