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close up image of a framed print

Adult Birthday

Trying to find something special for your best friend, a family member or a work colleague? Try a handmade vase, a piece of artwork with their favourite football team or some jewellery.

Advent Calendars

Advent Calendars, made in North London
Advice For New Parents Gift Set

Advice For New Parents Gift Set

The tongue in cheek 'Advice For New Parents' Gift Set is a must for any new parents who are suffering from unwanted advice about their newborn this Christmas!
slice of Victoria sponge cake

Afternoon Tea

Animal Wall Art

Animal Wall Art

Fun, colourful wall art & prints featuring animals of all shapes & sizes. From zebras and snakes to flamingos and cats.
young woman wearing gold earrings and necklace


Looking for an anniversary gift? Whether it’s the paper, cotton or linen wedding anniversary, or you’re after some love themed artwork, check out our local gift ideas here.

Art By Colour

Shop our art work collection by colour themes.
Alexandra Palace (Far) Giclée Print

Art By Theme

Shop our wide ranging art work by subject themes. 

Alexandra Palace (Far) Giclée Print

Art By Type

watercolour of a pigeon with a love message tied to its foot


Child's bedroom setting with cot, clothes and blankets

Baby & Child

baby Moses basket with two baby blankets dropped over it

Baby Blankets

Super soft and personalised, these baby blankets make the perfect newborn gift
lavender and frankincense bath soak

Bath Soak

DETOX Bath Salts with Green Tea, Spirulina, Peppermint & Rosemary Oil

Bath Treats

Whether you fancy bath salts, bath soaks, bath polish or a luxury face mask, you'll find lots of treats here on Gifted Local.
Soap Set

Bathroom Gift Sets

a selection of soap, bath salts and body butter

Bedroom & Bathroom

childs bedroom with a Moses childs clothes and accessories and blankets

Bedroom & Nursery

Fig Candle by Rosha Nutt

Best Sellers

The Woolf Kitchen's Hot Sauce Gift Pack


super soft grey blanket with red stripe


Blue Wall Art

Blue Wall Art

Blue themed wall art and prints, made in North London
ENERGISE Body Polish with Apricot Powder, Apricot Kernel Oil & zesty May Chang

Body Polish

pink colour small draw string bag with a simple graphic on it of boobs

Boob Bags

stack of illustrated books


Botanical Wall Art

Botanical Wall Art

Whether it's your favourite flower or tree, these botanical themed wall art and prints will make any house a home. Made in North London.
colourful bow tie

Bow Ties

man wearing suit with liberty print bowtie and handkerchief

Bow Ties & Handkerchiefs

two glass bowls with scattered flower petals




Korean Rock Fern & Concrete Pot - Polystichum Tsus Simense

Cactus & Pot Gift Sets

a box of amazing cupcakes

Cakes & Cupcakes

2021 WoodLand Calendar

Calendars 2021

Lets get ready for 2021!
Fig Candle by Rosha Nutt


screen print of different fruit including strawberry pomegranate lemon artichoke with little bees flying around

Care package

Celebratory Personalised Video

Celebratory Personalised Video


girl wearing navy cloud rain jumper and silver tutu

Child's Birthday

Did you know you had neighbours who create amazing gifts for children and teenagers?
Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

personalised white christmas bauble with black calligraphy  font with portia  the  name on it

Christmas Decorations

Twelve Days of Christmas Tea Towel

Christmas Essentials