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Coronavirus Information

In these unprecedented times, I thought it appropriate to write about how we're managing the business keeping in mind how the Coronavirus is affecting us all. Our first priority is of course keeping everyone safe.  

1. Are you still open for business?

We have decided that it's vital to continue supporting our small local businesses during this crisis. We are therefore still open for business but some of our sellers have either temporarily removed themselves from the site or have changed their offerings in light of the government lock down and what they feel comfortable doing (e.g. some have removed bulky items so they don't need to get on a bus to deliver). 

2. How are you keeping sellers safe during deliveries?

I've asked all the sellers to only continue selling (and therefore delivering) if they feel comfortable doing so. Some sellers have either come off the site or changed their product listings. It may mean less hand delivery if that involves getting on a bus and they may use postal / collection courier services more to avoid queuing in the post office.  In normal circumstances I encourage hand delivery where possible but we are currently living in a new world and the most important thing is to keep everyone safe.  Buying from a Gifted Local seller still keeps money in the local economy which is one of our key pillars and so vital at the moment.

3. Is it safe to receive deliveries at the moment?

The World Health Organisation states that the risk of catching Coronavirus from a package is low. WTO updates

However sellers are delivering, they will enforce any social distancing rules, for example staying two metres away from the customer at the door.

4. Will things be delivered on time?

We will do our best to still deliver within the times set out on the product pages, but circumstances may be beyond the sellers' control, for example the post office is currently prioritising delivery items to fight the Coronavirus. Royal Mail updates

5. What is your returns policy?

If you can't or don't want to return an item as you can't leave the house please get in touch at and we will of course work with you to return the item when it is safer to do so. Please find our regular refund policy for any other questions.

6. Any other questions?

If I haven't answered a question, please feel free to drop me an email at and I'll get back to you as soon as possible (I am looking after my three children with my husband also working from home so the juggle is very real in our household!). If you'd like to read my blog post which I wrote a few weeks ago when the Coronavirus starting hitting the headlines then click here.

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