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1 Cup Miss Moka Prestige Noblesse

1 Cup Miss Moka Prestige Noblesse


Leading a busy lifestyle?

Pour your perfect cup of strong coffee in minutes, with this handy Moka Pot.

We also created the ideal coffee blend to go with it. Our medium house roast is made with Robusta beans which are grown at a lower altitude. This helps deliver a smooth tasting cup when brewed in a Moka pot. Top brewing tips from our baristas: Use 20 grams of freshly ground coffee for the best results.

This product is hand delivery only so please ONLY ORDER IF YOU  LIVE IN THE FOLLOWING POSTCODES: N6, NW3, N19, NW5, N10, N8


  • within 1 working day  

Make the most of your favourite coffee with this beautiful Italian-made classic coffee maker. This modern take on a classic coffee maker from Forever will look fabulous in your kitchen or workspace and will upgrade your coffee routine with a quality cup and timeless design. 

Miss Moka Prestige Noblesse model boasts a sleek and stylish black design, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen décor. This unique and timeless coffee maker merges appealing design with faultless function, so you can drink perfectly brewed espresso every day. The design itself merges retro and modern features to create a stylish addition to your breakfast table.

Miss Moka Prestige design has become an icon of the Italian kitchen, boasting an effective marriage of modern and retro design elements while maintaining the functionality that it is known for. This line of espresso makers brews consistently great coffee and was designed to be safe and durable. It features an ergonomic handle for easy grip and a thoughtfully designed spout to ensure a seamless pour with no overflow or spillage. This model complies with European health and safety regulations EN 601/602.

Crafted using food-safe aluminium, making it both safe to use and long-lasting.

The silicone gasket ensures a snug fit and is easy to clean and replace. Screw-on handle ensures it is up to the job in even the busiest households and if the time comes, you can also simply replace it.

Keeping the coffee maker clean is easy, thanks to its simplistic design. Just remove the components within the maker and rinse; no fiddly parts to reassemble. When you’re finished using it, rest it on your open shelving or kitchen countertop as an attractive accessory. The Prestige range of coffee makers works great on all electric, gas and ceramic stoves.

1 Cup Capacity

The 1 cup is the ideal companion for those looking for a quick coffee fix. No need to worry about making too much; it’s perfect for that ideal espresso.


  • Food grade aluminium - Forever stovetop espresso makers are the first inItaly to comply with European health regulations En 601/602.
  • Precious knob - A metal insert gives the knob a touch of refinement.
  • Silicon gasket - Hygienic and easy to clean, perfect and easy lock, remarkably long-lasting. 
  • Removable screw-on handle - Easily replaced in case of damage.
  • Colour (Model) - Black (Noblesse)
  • Size - 1 cup