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Cosmos - Gift Wrap
Cosmos - Gift Wrap
Cosmos - Gift Wrap

Cosmos - Gift Wrap


Our beautiful 'Cosmos' wrapping paper is perfect to add a magical touch to any gift giving occasion. Printed on premium GF Smith uncoated paper stock, this luxurious gift wrap lends itself well to children's party gifts and is unisex in colour and theme.

This wrap works beautifully on its own or is partnered best with some mint green ribbon, simple twine or foiled ribbon to give it that extra finishing touch.

  • All wrap is sold in packs of 2. 
  • Wrap is shipped flat and neatly folded in a cardboard backed envelope 
  • Printed on FSC certified paper stock 
  • 90gsm GFSmith paper, 100% Virgin ECF Fibre and Acid-free 
  • 500 x 700mm  
  • Proudly made in London