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"In the Garden" Story-Telling Tokens
"In the Garden" Story-Telling Tokens
"In the Garden" Story-Telling Tokens

"In the Garden" Story-Telling Tokens


A lovely activity that motivates children to use their imagination, learn new vocabulary, and develop a fondness for gardening, plants, wildlife, and to spending time in nature.

Bond with your little ones and let them create a new tale about what happened in the garden.

This is a quick activity that doesn’t require any set up. You can play it with one child or more. Story tokens are a fantastic way to encourage communication skills, language growth, and literacy whilst engaging in creative and imaginative play. You can play outdoor while getting inspiration from nature, or indoors on a rainy day when gardening isn't possible.

These make the cutest little gift for children age 3-6, they come in an adorable cotton bag and wrapped in a garden-themed gift wrap and a small gift tag (of varying designs).

Use the tokens also to enrich your child’s vocabulary or just to get them excited about going out and potter in the garden

What's included:

  • Eight Wooden Story Tokens (size: diameter 4cm, depth 0.3cm), the wood is sourced in the UK from European FSC-managed forests. The images are professionally printed on stickers made from recycled paper.
  • Double Sided with adorable images from the world of gardening, a total of 16 images that can be used.
  • On all tokens, one side has a living being, potentially the protagonist of the story (children and wild life, including one with family in mind showing a bigger and smaller mice) and gardening items on the other (such as veggies and fruits, seeds, pots, gardening tools etc). Together they provide endless combinations of what might have happened in the garden today (or once upon a time).
  • Usage suggestions and story telling prompts and ideas are provided with the pack (printed on marble paper)
  • Cotton bag with flower print
  • 1 double-sided card with two rhymes about the importance of taking care of plants and wildlife (printed on sturdy recycled card)
  • A small sheet of gardening-themed gift wrap paper and a sticker for you to wrap the gift if you wish so, or let me know it's a gift and I will wrap it for you.
  • A Gifted Local gift tag (let me know it's a gift and I can hand-write the message)
  • Plastic free packaging - delivered to you in a mailer cardboard box.

Processing time: 1-3 days. Free delivery from Finchley using 2nd class Royal Mail or might be left in your mailbox if I'm around the neighbourhood.