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Audrey Whelan interior design living room fireplace example
Audrey Whelan interior design living room fireplace example
Audrey Whelan interior design kitchen living room area
Audrey Whelan interior design living room
Audrey Whelan interior design bathroom example

Interior Design Consultation with Audrey Whelan (Online)


If you have a friend or relative who is planning a home improvement project, or is in the middle of one, this could be a great gift to help them with some inspiration and professional advice.

The aim of the interior design consultation is to look at the aspects of the room(s) you would like to improve and to give you as much advice as possible there and then. We show you samples of materials / paint colours etc and can do some sketching during our session too.

Consultations are up to 2 hours in duration and take place online, via Zoom or Skype.

We can focus on just one room in detail or use the consultation as an overview for several rooms if you are planning a bigger refurbishment or redecoration project. Additional consultations can be booked.

Prior to the design consultation, we suggest a 20 minute phone call to find out about your project and what you would like to achieve. This enables us to maximise our online consultation time together. You can send us photos and dimensions and any other notes / queries etc before the consultation.

If you decide at the end of the consultation that you would like further help we can then give a quote for that (eg CAD drawings / sourcing furnishings & materials / preparing documents for contractors etc), but for some people the consultation session is enough to get them up-and-running with their project.

Please check out the seller terms and conditions before booking