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London Piccadilly Line Tube Train Speckled Necklace
London Piccadilly Line Tube Train Speckled Necklace
London Piccadilly Line Tube Train Speckled Necklace

London Piccadilly Line Tube Train Speckled Necklace


Celebrate the tube line that was the first one in the world to be connected to an airport, while we wait to be reconnected with Heathrow airport ourselves! The London Underground Line pieces are inspired by the floor of the London trains as well as other patterns across each line. Morena, the designer maker at Kodes, thrives in the busy city atmosphere and this necklace represents her love for The Tube, a symbol to her of the independent woman. Where she is from, in Southern Italy, the public transport is not very reliable and you have to have a car to get around. Growing up, she dreamed of the day she could move to London, which she did in 2003, so she could get around the city freely hopping off and on the tube.

These modern geometric necklaces are the perfect gift for her. They feature five wooden beads hand painted using acrylics and then varnished for a matt finish, or a shiny finish with metallic colours like gold or copper. Bold and brightly coloured, these chunky bead necklaces make beautiful statement pieces while also being lightweight and comfortable to wear.


  • Necklace – total length is 73cm on a cord, 55cm on a chain + 4cm chain extender
  • Beads – x 5 hexagonal wooden beads, 21mm in diameter

Necklaces can be customised using any length or colour combination to create a unique and stylish item for you or a loved one. It’s the perfect gift for a friend or family member, and items can be gift-wrapped with a handwritten note, on request. Please email for more information.

All these striking statement necklaces are unique and handmade, so they may bear some slight imperfections. Some colours may also appear slightly differently to those in the photographs.

Because of the nature of the materials (wood and acrylic paint) and methods used (by hand rather than factory-made/mass produced), it's important that you store the necklaces with care to minimise wear and tear over time. Cleaning is quick and easy with a microfibre cloth.