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Love Scented Candle 20cl

Love Scented Candle 20cl


Our Love Scented candles will add more Love to your environment and life. Made with Rapeseed and coconut wax blend. Rapeseed wax is non-hazardous to both humans & wildlife and does not create toxins when burned and coconut wax has an opulent creamy texture, with a longer, cleaner burn than soy wax and when burned and combined with rapeseed creates an amazing candle with Eco friendly qualities. All our candles are 100% natural with 100% essential oils and all sourced from the UK. A rich and intense fragrance with tops of Apricot and Nectarine Blossom, mids of Rose and Gardenia and deep and sumptuous musky base notes, this is a fragrance that packs a real punch. Made using premium ingredients.

Our 20cl candles will burn for 40 hours but we recommend a 4 hour burn daily and to trim the wick regularly to get a longer lasting, cleaner burn.

Delivery will take between 2-5 days on all Uk orders

Prices include postage and packing.