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Original Snoopy and Friends Frame

Original Snoopy and Friends Frame


Beautiful original Snoopy Frame. 

The cards are from an old deck of card and were used as a game of happy families so each card is numbered 1-9. 

The cards will be as the image however the layout of the characters may change and the numbers will vary depending on what I have available as I only have a small number. 

Everything I use is an original so I feel you really are getting something quite special. I am also very passionate that all games I use come from an incomplete set, so have lost their original life and so I take all the lovely parts and make frames to give them a new life. 

I believe these date back to the 1970's however there wasn't a box with these cards so this is based on the pack I have had with a similar style.

  • All cards are original, no replicas are used.
  • The frame is a black wood frame.
  • It measures 70x13cm and is perfect for above a doorway. There is a hook on the back so you can pop it up as soon as it arrives.  
  • All postage and packaging within the UK is included in the price. 
  • Postage is within 3-5 working days once order had been received.

Thank you for helping me fulfil my love of giving new life to old things. 

The Vintage Letter Lady xx