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Tidying Up Games in a Box
Tidying Up Games in a Box
Tidying Up Games in a Box
Tidying Up Games in a Box
Tidying Up Games in a Box
Tidying Up Games in a Box

Tidying Up Games in a Box


This is a physical box with activities and play ideas that encourage children to tidy up!

Who is it for?

  • Designed for children ages 2-7 or older children who love silly games :)


  • To get young children excited about tidying up! Our play ideas are proven to get kids to ask to tidy up!
  • When children practice tidying up, they get used to this activity being part of their day, and grow up to take it for granted that they are required to tidy up after playing.
  • Tidying up is an important life skill that benefits children in their childhood through adulthood.
  • Children learn best through play! Moral arguments and turning tidying up into a "duty" doesn't always work with children as they are designed to play and learn through play.
  • Help your kids discover that tidying up can be fun!

What's included?

A) 3 colourful posters with 24 play ideas to make tidying up more fun!

  • There are 3 posters, each poster has 8 tidying up games (a total of 24) with the age range being 2-7 and the games are arranged with the younger toddlers in mind first, building towards older children.
  • Each game is super easy to do, most of them don't require any prop other than your voice. Each game is explained in one paragraph as the ideas are so simple and easy.
  • You can hang each of the posters in a different room that needs tidying up such as your child's room, the living room and perhaps the play room.
  • Or you can cut the posters and make a deck of cards.
  • Each game also has one main picture to attract the children, let them point and ask to play a different game each time you tidy up!
  • These game help develop children's imagination, story telling, coordination, and sometimes are often just plain old silly fun with no educational agenda :).
  • Each poster is size A4, and is printed on a white recycled card (250gsm).

B) 2 colour-in tidying up activities

  • These are two separated activities, each printed on one A4 sheet of recycled paper.
  • The activities show two rooms (chlid's bedroom and play area) before and after it's been tidied up by chlidren.
  • The activity requires the children to spot an item that has been tidied up and colour it in, and also notice where it's been put away (such as a wardrobe, a toy trunk etc).

C) Two praise tokens

  • When children are recognised for their efforts, they feel proud and more likely to collaborate the next time.
  • We included two praise tokens:
  • One is a medal with a string and reads "We're proud of you" (size 4.5 cm)
  • The second has a magnet and reads "Well done!" (size 4 cm)
  • Both are made from sustainable wood managed by FSC in Europe.

D) A set of 4 wax crayons

Add a set of adorable Tidy Bedroom magnets! Use these tokens on a magnetic whiteboard (not included). For example, create a "to do" and "done" columns and ask your child to move the tokens from the "to do" column to the "done" column every day :). The usual price for these tokens is £9 but you can add them to this kit for only £5.50!

FREE DELIVERY using 2nd Class Royal Mail or hand-delivery in 1 mile radius from N3 3PG.