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Vintage 1920's Alphabet Framed Artwork

Vintage 1920's Alphabet Framed Artwork


Vintage 1920 Alphabet Artwork

I just love these original 1920 alphabet playing cards. This game was produced before scrabble and was a well loved word game. The cards themselves are becoming quite tricky to find but when I do its a real treat because every pack is slightly different due to the amount of use. This makes them even more special. 

  • All cards are original, I never use replicas so you really are getting quite a special and unique gift.  
  • Black frame size 50x70cm.
  • All postage and packaging within the UK is included in the price. 
  • Postage is within 3-5 working days of receiving your order.

I am very passionate that everything I use is from an incomplete set that have lost their original use so I use all the lovely parts and make frames.