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Vintage "Gin Tonic" Scrabble Framed Artwork

Vintage "Gin Tonic" Scrabble Framed Artwork


Original Scrabble frame is the perfect gift for Christmas, wedding, birthday, anniversary or just because.

  • Black rectangle box frame is sized 13x18cm and has an off white mount. 
  • All prices include postage costs within the UK.
  • Postage is 3-5 working day, once order has been received. 
  • All Scrabble tiles and boards are original there maybe a slight colour variation between each letter and the boards may have marks or small flaws but this only adds to the authenticity and vintage look. I will try my best to ensure the tile colours match as best as possible. All font is black.

I am really passionate that all games I use are from an incomplete sets and have lost their original purpose. So I use all the lovely parts and make frames and mounted artwork.


Thank you for shopping with The Vintage Letter Lady and helping me to fulfil my love if giving new lief to old things.